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 Facking Jew Ezreal

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PostSubject: Facking Jew Ezreal   Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:13 pm

(I play Very Aggressive, So this build might not be recommended for the jews.)
x9 Armor Pen Marks - Total 15 Armor Penetration
x9 Flat Attack Damage Seals - Total +3.8 AD
x9 Mana regen / 5 per level - Total 8.9 Mana Regen / 5 at level 18
x1 Movespeed Quintessence - Total +1.5% Movespeed
x2 Flat Attack Damage Quintessences - Total 4.5 AD

Mystic Shot - Q
Essence Flux - W
Arcane Shift - E
Trueshot Barrage - R

R > Q > E > W
Get ult Whenever its up
Max Q first
and E second
Get W last cause its worthless until endgame tower pushes

Masteries / Summoner Spells
i like Flash and Exhaust but Flash + (Ghost or Ignite) is also good too.
1. Start with Dorans Blades
2. Go B get another Dorans Blade and some Boots of Speed If you have enough buy 1 or 2 long swords for Brutalizer ( Zerkers, Mercs, or Lucidity based on Preference.)
3. Try making a Sheen after Brutalizer which will increase your damage by a lot. Then Try working towards you Blood Thirster (By The the B.F Sword First)
4. By now you should start selling your Dorans Blades and Finish your Trinity Force
5. If you are being focus'd or too squishy start building a Banshees Vail If not Go Finish your Youmoos Ghostblade If you go Youmoos Ghostblade first, then build Banshees Vail Afterwards
6. If you are Not Doing enough damage get a Black Cleaver or another Blood Thirster. If you think you dishing out the damage enough i usually get a Guardians Angel

I start with Flat AD and do 1/4 of peoples Health with Mystic Shot at Level 1.
If your mid or top, Stay back and last hit if they come close then just mystic shot their face and harrass so often, dont waste all you mana.
You should start harrassing with Mystic Shot at level 3 if you werent already at level 1.
From level 2-6 you should be harrassing and if you think hes low enough Mystic shot, Arcane Shift, Exhaust, Mystic Shot, auto attack till he dies.
If you havent killed him by level 6 then just do routine kill combo and ult at the end.


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PostSubject: Re: Facking Jew Ezreal   Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:59 pm

yayyyy meybeh I play now and then give input
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Facking Jew Ezreal
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