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 You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)

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PostSubject: You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)   Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:44 am

9 x Magic Penetration Marks
9 x Health Regen Per 5 Per Level Seals
9 x Magic Resist Glyphs
3 x Magic Penetration Quintessences


Take 3 points in Archmage’s Savvy and 1 in Critical Chance.
For the utility tree take everything that doesn’t give mana regen or the Clarity/Teleport etc masteries with the exception of the Health Regen + Mana Regen mastery.

Summoner Spells
Ghost and Ignite
or Flash and Ignite

Skill Build
Most cases – Q – E – Q – W – Q – R – Q – E – Q – E – R – E – E – W – W - R – W – W
Sometimes – E – Q – E – W – E – R – E – Q – E – Q – R – Q – Q – W – W – R – W – W

Item Build
Boots 3 Pot / Doran’s Shield / Regrowth Pendant 1 Pot
Sorceror Shoes
Will of the Ancients
Rabadon’s Deathcap
Lich Bane

And then onto Luxury Items:

Abyssal Scepter, Void Staff, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Zhonya’s Hourglass, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel, Force of Nature, Warmog’s.

I recommend grabbing Doran’s Shield if you’re going to solo top, more often than not you’ll verse some uber strong bullshit like Irelia or Nasus who will just completely destroy your face before you get farmed up. But if you feel confident in your kiting abilities and you max Siphon of Destruction first you can outrange them and win the Joust. On the other hand, if you go mid just grab boots.

You want to get Sorceror Shoes as early as possible to start dealing true damage to your enemies with the 14 Magic Penetration from runes.
Mace of Spades topped with Sheen does so much damage you’d be stupid not to get it on an AP build.

Lane Stage
Solo Lane.
Solo Lane.
Solo Lane.

In champ select instalock Mordekaiser and call solo lane. I don’t give a shit, take a solo lane and don’t whine son. It doesn’t matter if this is your first game as Morde ever and you’re not confident.

When the game starts buy your items and defend your jungler, then head to your solo lane. Before you hit level 5 you don’t play like other Mordekaisers. You last hit with Auto Attacks and if the enemy champion gets too close use your Q + E on minions while hitting the enemy champ with the AoE from your spells. When you hit level 5 your shield becomes extremely hard to break so just farm, farm and farm while harassing with your spells.

At level 9 with Sheen + Fort Elixir you can wipe off half of a carry’s HP with Single Target Mace of Spades, follow up with Siphon of Destruction, Children of the Grave and Ignite and you have a free kill.

Stay in your solo lane and farm until:
A) You destroy their turret
B) It reaches mid-late game / your team bitches at you to help them
C) (Highly Unlikely) You’re getting raped so hard you rage quit lane and then get free kills from the enemy team.

Mid-late game
Generally you want to go around killing people while pushing down turrets because you’re fucking Mordekaiser and no one can stop you. Go ahead and take lizard or golem buff if no one else wants them, try to stay away from golem to prevent raging from your AP Carry, but if you’re already at the point when you’re 20/0/0 go ahead and take it, more than likely they won’t bother trying to build AP Carry.

Teamfights Tactics
If you’re reading this section don’t be a pansy and use some common sense in those fights. Kthxbai pzlate you baddies.

But for those persistent douchebags:
Know when to initiate, don’t get kited to death cause then you can’t get a clone of the enemy which does about 3 times their actual damage. But of course if you feel like raping even more without a kick ass clone, steal their tank or AP Carry and see your Resistances / AP fly sky high.

Generally your team might call you out on this with the good old “Mordekaiser is a tank” bs, but I still find this is a good tactic; run AROUND the battlezone to reach the back where the AD Carry and Support are hiding at, hit their carry with your load and watch as you get a pentakill. The only time when you might avoid doing this is if they have an Ashe who will just kite you to death if they’re half decent.

When 1v1 fighting bait people into a secluded area where they lose Fog of War or you can get an easy Single Target Mace of Spades off which nukes harder than 5 tibbers.

- When you get ganked hit the ganker with a quick Q and E to scare them off. When they realise how much damage you do they’ll be scared so shitless you’ll never get ganked again ( doesn’t always work ).
- Use Children of the Grave on the enemy carry 95% of the time.
- If you see an enemy under a turret with about 25% HP and very little resistances just run at them, use your ult and ignite.
- Your Q does more damage on Single Targets, never forget this.
- Learn your potential, don’t be a pussy and don’t attempt to transform into Sylvester Stallone.

This guide has been approved by Elmo.
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PostSubject: Re: You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)   Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:29 am


Kill all sons of bitches. That's my official instructions.

Buy a ward, stop a gank, save a life.

<16:28:11> "Anti1": TIME FOR FUCKING.

<16:47:27> "Diglett": i tried 134034i9 other things
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PostSubject: Re: You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)   Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:02 am

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PostSubject: Re: You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)   

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You can't 1v1 Mordekaiser. Ever. (Inspired by Vman7/Dyrus)
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