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 Dat Ryze Skill

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PostSubject: Dat Ryze Skill   Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:02 am

How to Ryze: Q spam someone with the occasional W and E.

Skill order (my preference):

Max Q immediately and W afterwards. Get R whenever you can.

Starting items:
Mana Crystal + health pots if their AP mid is not skill shot based, such as another Ryze, Zilean, Veigar, Leblanc, Kat, etc.

Boots + health pots if they are skill shot based, such as Brand, Ahri, Xerath, AP Ezreal, etc.

Also start Boots + health pots if their jungle has a fast clear time and has a MS increase skill, such as Rammus, Udry, Shyvanna, etc.

How to itemize:
If you started Mana Crystal, farm up enough gold for boots, clear the wave and push it to their tower by using ult if you have it. Go back to buy boots, wards, pots, etc. and head back to lane.

If you started Boots, save up enough gold to either buy Catalyst or Tear depending on how you're doing. If you're doing good and winning trades, buy Tear. If you're having a tough time, get Catalyst.

If you get Tear first, don't get ArchAngels Staff immediately. Instead, if they have a lot of AD damage, start working on your Frozen Heart by buying Glacial Shroud. Then buy Banshees Veil. You MAY want to get Megatron (is it Negatron?) Cloak early incase they do massive damage like Leblanc or Veigar.

Late game items ideally are: AAS, BV, FH, Boots, Warmogs, GA/Void Staff/WotA

How to lane as Ryze against skill shot based champs:
1. Avoid first skill shot. Q them
2. Avoid second skill shot. Q then W
3. Q again and E.
4. ???
5. Profit

Against non-skill shot champs:
1. E them and Q and W immediately and run away.
2. Repeat until low.
3. Q them, E, Q, W, Q

My reasoning for how to play against skill shot based champs:
- Ryze's cooldown are low enough and high enough that by the time he moves slightly to the left/right, his Q will be up again.

My reasoning for using E before W against non-skill shot champs:
- Ryze's E lower their Magic Resist for a few seconds when it hits them. Since they can potentially win the trade by bursting and running, doing the most damage by shredding resists can help.

Ryze basics:
- ALWAYS keep moving between CS'ing. Always act as if you're dodging a skill shot (believe me, this helps when they try to kick your ass).
- Itemize against their team
- If you are in danger of being dived, ult and snare them under turret and whack away at them. No ult? Go back.

How to farm under turret as Ryze:
- Fighter minions will need to be hit once before the tower starts hitting them. Then auto attack them once more. The same goes for caster minions. Use Q and W to help when your minions start attacking them.

My preferred Summoner Spells on Ryze (and everyone else):
Flash - I prefer flash over ghost because you can instantly be safe or be in a position to kill or snare someone.
Ignite - For those scrubs that bring heal or have a Soraka.

- I currently don't have many runes so when I can fill out my rune page to maximize my damage as Ryze, I'll post it up.
- I would suggest MS Quints though

- You can go 21-0-9 (standard AP for early game Ryze)
- My reasoning for this would be for your early game where you don't have too much mana and rely on blue buff with the mastery that gives 15% buff duration.

- You can go 24-0-6 (late game Ryze)
- Late game, that extra percentage damage in the offensive tree can help do lots of damage since he's a sustained caster. Blue buff isn't really much of a problem late game for Ryze.

- I would say to not get anything in the defensive tree because Ryze is already fairly tanky and the 3 or so armor or magic resist isn't going to help.

Will fill in more when people aren't looking over my shoulders while I'm at school.

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PostSubject: Re: Dat Ryze Skill   Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:59 pm

Good stuff Dessert...good stuff!

I'd make a few comments as a Ryze main and current AP player for the clan.


Good choices, I'd stress the importance of getting a tear as early as possible, because building up your mana pool is what will contribute to your damage mid-lategame. On endgame choices, most times I dont even build AA and definitely never tried warmogs. Voidstaff and WOTA are core imo...along with the early tear/catalyst/glacial shroud. Sometimes you need the health boost against certain bursty comps, and I'll grab a giants belt midgame....i guess turning it into warmogs super lategame is an option.

Skill Usage

Good points again. You can also mention the ideal spell rotation for Ryze:
Q, hitting R while Q is mid-flight, W, Q, E, Q...

Summoner Spells

Flash is definitely a must on Ryze to make plays and to help out with his slow ass movespeed. I find exhaust to be more useful than ignite, especially lategame, like karthus, ryze is a sustained dps caster, so getting in there and being able to exhaust the enemy carry is a huge plus. Ignite favours the heavy bursty casters who can 100-0.


I noticed you didnt mention runes, I guess that was coming in a future update. My current rune setup on Ryze is:
Magic Pen. Reds
Mana Blues
Mana Yellows
Movespeed Quints
(Either my blues or yellows are per level while the other is flat)

Anyway, good stuff in this guide. Ryze is quite possibly the most OP mage in the game currently.
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Dat Ryze Skill
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