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 Talon Secret OP

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PostSubject: Talon Secret OP   Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:53 am

How to Talon: Stomp all day err day easy mode

Skill Order (my preference):
5:W/Q (forgot if you can't get W)

Max W immediately and get Q whenever W or R isn't available.

Starting items:

- Boots + 3 Health Pots
- Lifesteal Scepter thing (wtf is it called again?)
- Health Crystal
- Long Sword + Health Pot

How to Itemize:
- Buy a Phage as soon as possible. Make sure that you have some life steal (with lifesteal scepter thing) when you have your Phage though. Do NOT get wriggles. After getting Phage you can finish your boots. After finishing boots, finish your Frozen Mallet. Get a BT immediately afterwards.

- I tend to get Berzerker's Greaves for boots but you can get whatever you like.

- Please do not build him like a Tryndamere or something with Infinity Edges and shit.

- The reason you rush Phage is because it synergizes with his passive (deal additional damage to slowed targets).

End build items ideally are: Boots, Frozen Mallet, Warmogs, Bloodthirster, Atmas, Last Whisperer/Black Cleaver

How to lane as Talon:
- Farm or harass with W every now and then. I prefer not to use E (his blink) when harassing. I always use E when I'm certain I will get a kill.

- Talon's Q applies on hit effects and can punch turrets with it as an auto attack resetter. For example, auto-attack, and IMMEDIATELY use Q to deal the most damage in the shortest possible time.

- Do NOT Q and then auto attack. It's much slower.

- Talon's W will go back towards him and slows any enemy hit so use it to save your ass or harass properly.

After level 6:
- After you hit level 6, if you're not playing mid, go gank mid. Ult while you're in the bush and make sure that you leave the circle of blades that his ult makes. Walk BEHIND/IN FRONT of the target and auto-attack them, which will make the blades come back towards him and deal massive damage towards him. You can also blink with E to do this as well. Auto attack then use Q and W respectively. By this time you'd probably have a Phage so chasing and killing them shouldn't be any problem with your AP mid there as well.

- Gank mid whenever they have half health or less and your ult is up. Make sure to watch for them warding.

How Talon's Ult Works:
- It makes him invisible for about 2-3 seconds.

- Lets him wait for his cooldowns to aid kill targets without getting hurt.

- When activated, shoots out in a ring around Talon. When pressing R again or using any other spells or auto attacking (including Summoner's Spels too I think), the ring of blades will go back to Talon, damage any enemies they pass through.

- Therefore, for maximum damage, when the ring of blades go out, leave the ring (Talon will be in the middle) and make sure your target is also outside of the ring as well. Make sure they're following you while you're still stealthed and then combo them. ALL the blades will pass through them as opposed to the 3 or so blades that would've hit them when they're inside the ring.

Where to place Talon in lane:
- Depending on your team composition, you can play him top, mid, or support bot. I've never played him mid so I can't say how to do so.

- Playing him bot makes your lane a kill lane. Support by buying wards and not a Philosopher's Stone and all that. You do not need to ward the whole map; just the bushes around your lane. If you're playing him bot support, it doesn't matter who gets the kill if you're going for the kill. You both will do extremely well fed.

- Playing him top will require you to learn how to conserve mana and only use W when they are going for last hits.

- His jungle is slow as hell

- I generally play Talon bot as support or carry.

Farming as Talon is easy:
- Use W to farm. Ult if needed because his ult has a fairly short CD.

Getting ganked:
- If you get ganked, use W on them to slow them down. If that doesn't stop them, then you should either silence them and run or silence and ult to save your teammate as best as you can.

- Talon can easily turn ganks around with his kit. When their jungle/mid is ganking, silence the squishier/lower health target, auto-attack, Q, W, and ult. Remember that your blades go back towards you after your ult finishes so line up your target appropriately. While invisible from your using ult, wait for the rest of the cooldowns to reset if the target isn't dead yet.

- Flat AD Reds
- Flat armor yellows
- Either Scaling AD blue or MR blue
- MS Quints

- I always go 24-0-6 as Talon. Get the extra points in offensive for the extra percentage damage.

My preferred Summoner's Spells:
Flash: It's just very handy overall for ganks and escapes.
Ignite: For the ganks that you'll be doing for securing kills.

Talon Can Counter:
- Brand
- Malzahar
- Garen
- Anivia
- Volibear
- Most ranged carries

Talon Is Countered By:
- Swain
- Lee Sin
- Akali
- Zilean

Talon Has Problems With:
- Mundo
- Soraka as AP Carry
- Janna

Talon Tossups:
- Riven
- Udry
- Kennen
- Katarina
- Ryze
- Gangplank
- Wukong

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Talon Secret OP
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