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 Before You Apply

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PostSubject: Before You Apply   Tue May 17, 2011 12:55 pm

Welcome to coN
Before you put an app in, take a second to figure out what we're all about.

Confliction was formed by a few close friends playing League of Legends, Combat Arms, and AVA together since around 2009.
Our goal is to promote a positive atmosphere to have a good time playing various games together.

Working as a team and having fun is paramount to coN.

If you join coN, expect the following:
  • Applicants should be easygoing, aged around 16-26, and realize we're playing games not doing any serious business, unless we're actively participating in legitimate competitions or tryharding ranked games.

  • If you cannot take personally offensive insults jokingly, prepare yourself. If anyone in coN makes a bad joke aimed at you, don't take offense. We're not serious, it's a test of your character. People that can't take jokes, lets be honest, are butthurt douchebags.

  • Even though we're laid back, it does not mean we're going to have a bunch of total failures when it comes to gaming skill. If people really blow and do not improve, we'll consider banning. Most of us are pretty good at LoL now, some are still learning but show good potential while others are on a very competitive level. There is, though, a time for proface and a time for just playing for fun.

  • Raging is lame and we discourage it, if you hear someone raging and they can't take a slew of insults from you during their rage to realize how idiotic they sound, tell them to take a break. If someone gets into a ragefit it's usually best to make them laugh and remember we're just playing games. If they can't something is probably bothering them irl and they're best sitting a few games out. Everyone has bad days, but try to keep them to yourself.

  • If you criticize someone, think of ways they can improve and TELL THEM. It doesn't help anyone to get pissed without giving the person a chance to improve. Criticism of other members without being constructive is not tolerated. Even if you're raging to yourself, tell the person in question what you think they can do to improve, otherwise they'll repeat the same mistake over and over again.

  • People will probably tell you what to do in LoL, take what they say with a grain of salt and don't get caught up in arguing about nonsense. We do it for your own good even though it can sometimes sound like we think you're retarded. We don't mean it, I swear. If someone here tells you you're an idiot without telling you how to fix your mistakes, tell someone that can ban them to ban them. That shit is wack.

  • This is the internet, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of LoL players. None of us (except ofc Hotshotgg) are worth any more than the next person and we will not treat you or anyone else with respect. You are not special or better than anyone here, and we will most definitely make you angry if you have some bloated sense of self worth. On the internet we are all retards together.

  • Finally, you'll have to PM your rl address to Anti so he can come and meet your mother. I can get free airfare and be there the following weekend.

That's pretty much it. If you're looking for a super organized and mature group of douchebags that treat the internet like their job, go somewhere else. If you really love raging and calling your teammates fags for screwing up a game, we'll probably just ban you. We're playing games to have fun and maturity over the internet on games is not nearly as fun as shooting shit and screaming obscenities for the fun of it.

Release some steam in a positive fashion blowing shit up with us online, you'll love the way it feels, I guarantee it.
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Before You Apply
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